Each Lesson page will have links at the top to all the material associated with that particular lesson. Please check that you look at all the different pages and ensure that you have the right material for each lesson you intend to give.

Each lesson has a number of different aspects - these may differ from lesson to lesson. Some will include advice on setting up the room for the lesson, all will have the Lesson of the Day, which is designed to give the teacher information about what is to be discussed, what material should be distributed to the students which will often include an illustration deal. There will be an Advice of the Day section and other teaching material.

For printing out, copying and distributing to the students, there will be a Hand Out, a set of Definitions and usually a Training Test for them to complete either at the end of the lesson or, preferably, at home in their own time.

We will also provide posters for printing to display on the walls, suggestions for advertising classes, contact details for the National Bridge Organisations, book lists and any other material we feel would be of use to teachers throughout the world

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